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Roy's is located on Historic Route 66 in Amboy, California. The town of Amboy itself is in the Mojave desert. The site of Roy's has become an icon for a lonely desert gas stop due to the multiple appearances of Roy's famous Googie-styled sign in movies, commercials and more. Amboy has it all: airport, garage, cafe, school, church, graveyard, even a volcanic crater. Yet most of it is not operating anymore.

Find pictures of Roy's and the rest of Amboy as well as recipes saved from oblivion.

Currently the town of Amboy is owned by Albert Okura, who also owns the Juan Pollo restaurant chain. Fortunately he is dedicated to preserving Amboy in a 1950's look and feel and will try to preserve and restore the site to its former glory. This is not Mr. Okura's first project as a preservationist. He also owns the site of the very first McDonald's restaurant in San Bernardino and operates it as a museum.

As far as history goes, Amboy was founded as a mining site and got active even before the railroad gave it a stop. Even today there is still a busy railroad running through the desert in Amboy.

Amboy is a ghost town reminding tourists traveling Route 66 of what it once used to be. Yet the shade the canopy of the gas station offers a welcome break from the relentless sun for the motorcyclists riding through the desert.